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  • Turck - Sensors, Control & Connectivity
  • Destaco - Indexers, Conveyors, Grippers, End of Arm Tooling
  • Fortress Interlocks - Safety Interlocks, Switches, Trapped Key Technology
  • Joyce Dayton - Screw Jacks & Motorized Actuators
  • Berg - Finished Assemblies, Gears, Spockets, Pullys & Belts
Turck - Sensors, Control & Connectivity1 Destaco - Indexers, Conveyors, Grippers, End of Arm Tooling2 Fortress Interlocks - Safety Interlocks, Switches, Trapped Key Technology3 Joyce Dayton - Screw Jacks & Motorized Actuators4 Berg - Finished Assemblies, Gears, Spockets, Pullys & Belts5

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Industrial DA Series Actuators
  • Maximum force: up to 60,000 N
  • Speed: up to 32.8 in/sec (833 mm/sec)
  • Lead accuracy: 0.001 in/ft (0.025 mm/300mm)
  • Nominal backlash: 0.004 in (0.1 mm)
  • Integrated motor and roller screw
  • Lubrication ports for easy maintenance without disassembly
Diakont DA Series Best in Class

Best-in-Class Lifetime

Designed and manufactured under stringent quality standards, Diakont EMAs incorporate optimized roller screw thread design and specialized hardening technologies to provide a best-in-class service lifetime rating. With a greater number of contact points than ball screw solutions, Diakont hardened roller screws feature increased load capacity and rigidity, providing superior operating lifetime compared to ball screw (up to 10x greater lifetime) and competitor roller screw actuators on the market.

Diakont is a full-cycle engineering, manufacturing, and service company, supplying motion control solutions that enhance the safety, economy and efficiency of many industries.

Diakont DA Series High Performance

High-Performance Actuation in a Small Package

Diakont EMAs are equipped with inverted roller screws, which require much less space than ball screw or pneumatic solutions with equivalent specifications (force, speed, etc.). Owing to this optimized design, Diakont actuators require smaller housings and fewer parts between the motor and the roller screw, thereby reducing the overall weight and size of the EMA. The Diakont DA Series actuator line of reduced weight starts at 5 kg.

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Diakont easy installation

The DA Series’ compact design allows end users to easily replace hydraulic or pneumatic actuators with Diakont EMAs. Diakont EMAs are compatible with various third party servo drives and amplifiers. As a result, Diakont actuators allow for easy integration into existing motion control systems.

Diakont DA Series actuators are also equipped with specialized patented lubrication ports that facilitate scheduled maintenance without requiring disassembly, recalibration, or removal from machinery. Performing maintenance with the actuator on the machine reduces downtime and improves output.

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