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About JF Shaw Company, Inc.
JF Shaw Company Over 40 years
The J.F. Shaw Company, Inc. specializes in the sale, application, integration and design of state of the art automation products and systems. These products are used as components and controls in factory automation and processes, automated assembly machinery as well as all types of production equipment and machinery. The J.F. Shaw Company, Inc. has been involved with the most innovative and reliable manufacturers of high technology automation and control products for over 40 years.
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The JF Shaw Co., Inc. provides expertise in the design and integration of Industrial Automation components, systems and machinery. Partnering with the most innovative market leading manufacturers we are able to offer a variety of cost effective solutions, so that you may achieve your application success in a variety of methods. More »
New Products
JF Shaw Co., Inc. works with vast varitey of best-in-class automation products that are designed to perfectly match all of your requirements – and are enhanced by extensive training, service and support. More »
Automation Factoids
JF Shaw Co., Inc. has placed two Automation Factoids questions that will test your knowledge. Why not give a try. Click below to see the two factoids. More »

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JF Shaw Company, Inc.
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Contact JF Shaw Company, Inc. today to discuss a solution to your organization’s needs and goals. At JF Shaw Company, Inc., we can help you find a solution to all your Automation needs.
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