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JF Shaw Company, Inc - New Products Typical VISOR® Allround

Typical VISOR® Allround

The VISOR® Allround is a real multi-talent among vision sensors. In the allround version, the device unites the functions of the VISOR® Object (i.a. calibration, pattern matching, contour, calliper, BLOB) with
the powerful tools of the VISOR® Code Reader (bar code, datamatrix and optical character recognition).

When feeding parts in correct alignment or positioning components, additional datamatrix codes for example can now also be read. With a resolution of up to 1.5 mega-pixel even the smallest details are reliably detected and evaluated.

In addition to the monochrome version, the VISOR® Allround is also available as a colour version with up to 1.5 megapixel. Thus additional "Detectors" are available for colour evaluation. Even the subtlest nuances in shade can be reliably detected. The relevant object colours, for example, can be taught-in quite simply by push of a button or - thanks to the intuitive colour histogram - set graphically for each channel in the colour space. The authorised colour tolerances can be defined by the user.

Raised or recessed object details - such as embossed digits and characters on a credit card - are difficult to detect with standard image processing methods. Even use of lateral lighting generally results in poorly identifiable contours due to overexposure and shadows. VISOR® Allround Professional remedies this situation with the new multishot function.

Virtual color filters for a maximum of contrast
With the help of virtual color filters, which emphasize the relevant area of the image and suppress interfering image parts, inspection tasks can now be solved even more simply and reliably with maximum contrast. The virtual filters can be configured individually for each detector. Compared to optical color filters this results in a much higher flexibility.
Many applications can be solved more easily by defining any color as software color filter and simulating a lighting or a filter with a specific wavelength:

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JF Shaw Company, Inc. works with vast varitey of best-in-class automation products that are designed to perfectly match all of your requirements – and are enhanced by extensive training, service and support.

JF Shaw Company, Inc. - New Products - Murr Elektronik Perfect Connections for all areas in the F&B industry

Cube67 Modular Fieldbus System

Cube67 is Murrelektronik’s award winning, modular fieldbus system. It can be customized to meet the specific requirements of an installation solution. Cube67 is characterized by its single cable technology, multi function modules, flexible installation methods and robust, potted circuitry. The unique single cable module connection transfers both power and data from a single bus node to connected modules simplifying installation.
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JF Shaw Company, Inc. - New Products Bihl Wiedemann

Safe Coupling via Ethernet – Safe Link from Bihl+Wiedemann

Safe Link is a technology in the Gateways with integrated Safety Monitors and the Safety Basic Monitors with Ethernet interface. It allows safety controllers to be connected to each other simply, efficiently and with the greatest possible flexibility. Learn more about it in the following articles.
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JF Shaw Company, Inc. - New Products Werma

The smart MDE alternative for manufacturing companies

SmartMONITOR is the smart MDE alternative for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise manufacturing processes. Intelligent networking of signal towers creates a simple, low-cost retrofit alternative to conventional, complex MDE systems.
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