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New Products


Turck Releases minifast® Control Power Wiring Solution

Turck minifastcontrol Power

Minneapolis MN, January 5, 2015 – Turck has developed a new connectivity solution that is compatible with the control power connection system utilized with Rockwell ArmorStart distributed motor starters. Turck’s Minifast control power offering gives an alternative solution for customers to have drop in replacements that tap directly into the existing E-stop control wiring circuits.

Turck’s solution uses a 5-pin connector with the same pinout as a standard 6-pin Minifast connector. The connector has the pin #4 location on the connector plugged, which ensures it cannot mate with either a standard 5-pin or 6-pin Minifast connector. This prevents any chance of mis-wiring to any other existing connectors in the system and provides a trusted alternative 5-wire solution with the added benefit of quick delivery lead times.

“We had requests from our customers for an alternative connectivity solution that would work in these applications,” said Jay Bartsias, Senior Product Manager for Turck. “We were able to answer their needs by utilizing our existing Minifast components while providing a solution that fits seamlessly into the existing systems.”

The new Minifast product provides the same trusted features as Turck’s standard Minifast offering, including NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6P and IEC IP67.

Selling Strengths

  • Provides alternative solution for control power system used with Rockwell ArmorStart motor starters
  • Uses Turck’s trusted Minifast connector product line and seamlessly works in Rockwell system
  • Quicker delivery lead times than market is currently offering
  • Fits well with other standard Turck products for this application including Ethernet, DeviceNet™, A-Size and D-Size power

Product Specifications

  • Modified 5-pin connector: Uses 6-pin Minifast pinout and plugs pin #4 location
  • Prevents any chance of mis-wiring by ensuring it cannot mate with standard 5-pin or 6-pin Minifast connectors
  • NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6P and IEC IP67 rated
Adobe Acrobat icon MinifastControlPower-Customer.pdf

Turck Releases Compact RFID Read/Write Head for Restricted Mounting

Turck TB Q08

Turck is now offering customers the TB-Q08, currently the smallest ISO15693 compliant RFID read/write head on the market with protection to IP67. In spite of its compact dimensions of 32 x 20 x 8 mm, the housing manages to integrate the antenna, electronics and two LEDs visible from all directions. The LEDs indicate a functioning power supply as well as active read/write operations to the user.

Thanks to its compact rectangular design and the 15 cm long connection cable with an M12 connector, the TB-Q08 is particularly suitable for use in restricted mounting conditions, such as in small assembly and transport lines. “The rugged and compact design of the TB-Q08 makes it the ideal candidate for tool or mold identification, such as in injection molding or die stamping,” said Product Manager Don Eichman.

When combined with Turck’s new R10 and R12 tags, the TB-Q08 can fully play to its strengths in the identification of metal objects. The new 10 and 12 mm diameter tags can be mounted directly in metal and are equipped with a chip, which supports password functions. In conjunction with Turck’s BL ident® RFID system, the user can implement simple brand protection, access protection and access rights management.

Adobe Acrobat icon TURCK-TB-Q08-Release.pdf

TURCK Introduces Robust QR24 Sensor for Demanding Applications


PLYMOUTH, Minn. (September 29, 2015) – In order to meet the demands of harsh applications, TURCK has expanded its QR24 line of contactless rotary position sensors to include a version with stainless steel housing. Available in SSI or with incremental outputs and equipped with 316 stainless steel housing, the new variant is built to withstand harsh environments such as those involving chemicals or high-pressure water sprays. The wear-free performance of the existing QR24 line combined with the stainless steel housing makes the stainless steel QR24 variant an ideal solution for applications that encounter extreme environmental conditions such as in the food and beverage and off highway equipment industries.

The stainless steel QR24 sensor features a fully potted and sealed IP69K/IP68-rated housing to protect against moisture and dust. It also offers flexible parameterization via IO Link or easyteach, allowing the sensor to easily adapt to specific application requirements.

While rotary feedback is crucial in many installations, many rely on their mechanical bearings to provide proper tolerance and position of the internal system. After time, mechanical wear, vibrations, potential leaks in bearing seals, etc. can contribute to premature failure. The QR24 provides customers with contactless position detection, executing the same functions but without the need for contact or bearings, allowing for longer and more reliable solution that saves installation time and costs.

The TURCK QR24 series is part of the company’s industry-recognized Q-track family of sensors, which utilize resistance inductive capacitance (RLC) measuring technology. Unlike potentiometric or magnetic technologies, the sensors incorporate precisely manufactured printed emitter and receiver coil systems. The emitter coils are activated with a high frequency AC field and produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element. The element is inductively coupled with the receiver coils, which are arranged so different voltages are induced in the coils, depending on the position of the actuator. The voltages serve as a measure for the sensor signal.

Adobe Acrobat icon TURCK-QR24_SS_PR-final.pdf

TURCK Expands YB2 Family with Enhanced Visibility Variant


PLYMOUTH, Minn. (August 25, 2015) –TURCK announces an expansion to the YB2 line of compact disconnect splitters with LEDs. The new addition to the YB2 line features a translucent black overmolded design. This encapsulates the LEDs and protects them from physical damage while also complementing visibility. The LEDs are visible from both sides of the splitter, which allows for more flexible mounting options. The YB2 is available with an M12 (eurofast®) trunk connector and either M12 (eurofast) or M8 (picofast®) branch connectors.

This YB2 splitter is used to consolidate two separate discrete PNP device signals into a single cable or into a multi-port junction box. It is an ideal solution for applications in the material handling, food and beverage, and automotive industries. Additionally, The YB2 is the recommended consolidation splitter for customers using TURCK’s Z-style junction boxes.

The LEDs provide a visual indication of when power is applied and when one or both discrete signals are present. Additionally, the YB2 has a rating of 10-30 VDC at up to 4 amps and provides users with an ingress rating of IP67.

Adobe Acrobat icon TURCK-YB2-PR.pdf

TURCK Introduces Compact FEN20 Industrial Ethernet I/O Modules with Built-in Web Server


TURCK’s new compact Ethernet multiprotocol I/O modules make standard switching signals quickly and effectively bus-capable. Thanks to their multiprotocol plug-and-play functionality, the FEN20 devices with digital inputs and outputs are immediately ready for use in PROFINET®, Modbus® TCP or EtherNet/IP™ systems. The device detects the protocol used by listening to the communication traffic during the startup phase.

The FEN20 devices are available in two different designs. The small 4DIP-4DXP, which measures as just 55x62.5x30 mm, fits in small control boxes, control panels or other existing housings and can also be retrofitted to make push buttons and LED indicators quickly Ethernet ready. The large 16DXP variant, which measures 57x152x47 mm, is designed for the same type of application and provides up to 16 I/Os. As a DXP variant it can be operated both as an input or output. The module also provides the division of the I/O-signals into three independent potential groups which are isolated from each other – which can be used for safety shutdowns – and can be centrally controlled.

Both devices are equipped with an integrated web server to display diagnostic information and provide access to configuration parameters. The web page was created to offer a responsive design so that even a smartphone can be used for simple diagnostics.

Adobe Acrobat icon TURCK-FEN20-Small-PR.pdf
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