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iQue powered by iTRAK

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The CAMCO iQue™ Conveyor is a modular, scalable, intelligent conveyor system powered by iTRAK® Technology.

Camco iQue Conveyor

BenefitsCAMCO iQue Conveyor

  • Increased production rates – 50% or more!
  • Faster changeover with on-the-fly programming
  • Reduced machine footprint
  • Increased line speed and flexibility
  • Reduced periodic maintenance

Additional benefit from the iTRAK® Technology

  • Modular, adaptable and scalable for any application
  • Change between products at the push of a button
  • Upgrade easily by reducing complex tooling
  • Operate faster with less downtime
  • Reduce energy consumption through direct drive


Download the iQue Flyer.pdf


The CAMCO iQue Conveyor's iTRAK programmable linear drive allows independent control of multiple magnetically-propelled movers along a straight or curvilinear paths.

Movers can be moved along the conveyor in forward or reverse motion at varying speeds, and in individual, continuous, batch and asynchronous motion sequences.

Use the iQue in a variety of industries:

  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing Assembly
  • Material Handling
  • Medical Device

Features & Specifications

  • Straight and 90° curve linear motor sections available in standard 400mm lengths
  • Available in 50mm, 100mm & 150mm coil size
  • Combine for racetrack, square or circle configurations for any length
  • Flexible design allows the conveyor system to be orientated horizontally or vertically with a carousel or over/under configuration.
Minimum Mover Pitch 65 mm
Acceleration >10g
Repeatability <50 µm
System Length 12m per Gateway
Payload Only limited by bearings and F=ma
Certifications UL, CE
Ingress Protection IP65
Feedback Type Absolute
Section Length 400 mm

Motor Specifications

Motor SizeMaximum SpeedMaximum Force
50 mm > 5 m/s 264 N
100 mm 4 m/s 529 N
150 mm 2.75 m/s 793 N
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